Easy Paper Folder Solutions to ease your envelope stuffing jobs

Paper Folder

Folder IDEAL 8306
Paper Folder IDEAL 8306

Compact office folding machines for four fold types and stream delivery paper ejection

PAPER EJEC TION : Stream delivery paper ejection system conveyed by belts and three manually selectable ejection roller positions.


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Paper folder Uchida EZF-100
Automatic Folding Machine Uchida EZF-100

Well engineered entry-level paper folder

Specialized for folding A4 size papers into 4 folding patterns with automatic setting. Users can easily set folding patterns just by turning the one-touch...

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Automatic paper folder
Letter Folder Uchida EZF-200

A top selling quality paper folder is now improved

Accommodates roller & belt deivery and quick release rollers. Features special folding modes.

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Automatic Paper Folder Uchida EZF-500/600
Automatic Paper Folder Uchida EZF-500/600

Easy to use and fully designed with memory function up to 36 fold types

Uchida Desktop Paper Folders EZF Series covers a wide range of paper folding applications. Incorporates various advanced features such as memory for non-...

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Neopost Document Folder Uchida AeroFold
Document Folder Uchida AeroFold

AeroFold can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of paper equipped with suction feed

UCHIDA's New Document Folder Machine the AeroFold. Its belt suction feeding system can fold up to SRA3 size of various types of papers,...

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Neopost Card Folder Morgana AutoFold Pro
Card Folder Morgana AutoFold Pro

MORGANA AutoFold Pro - Professional Card Folding Machine

The AutoFold Pro is an automatic card folder machine designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer. It is a...

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