AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

Businesses today face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications. Failure to meet those diverse standards could result in substantial financial loss and jeopardise hard-won customer relationships. The combination of Neopost output management software and folder inserters offers huge flexibility in personalisation and improved control over mail production runs. 

However more complex production jobs require close control to avoid errors that can stem from handling paper at high speed. AIMS (Automated Inserter Management System) is the ideal way to ensure that high volume batches are accurately fulfilled with eral time error alerts and reports on job completion.

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Business Benefits

As your business and reputation depends on accurate and rapid job fulfilment, Neopost has developed the solution. Mail Piece Production Control builds an audit trail for each production job. This provides you with real-time quality control and detailed line-item reports.