IM-75 Mail opening machines, your Professional Incoming Mail & Letter Extractor

Automation of this process with the IM-75 letter opener machine results in a substantial saving of time and reduces the likelihood of errors. It also takes the strain out of peak workloads, increases staff motivation and performance in mail departments. The IM-75 letter extractor is a unique professional incoming-mail processing solution for companies that take their incoming mail seriously!

Neopost Letter Opening Machine IM-75

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The IM-75 letter opening machine sets the standard in productivity, ergonomics and flexibility

Fast, ergonomic and safe processing of your incoming mail

Main Features
  • High speed: up to 4,500 envelopes/hour
  • Unique slicing mechanism to protect the documents inside the envelope
  • Automatic and Operator modes
  • Wide opening of the envelope for easy and secure extraction
  • Standard and mixed mail capability
  • Flexible sort tray concept
  • Ergonomic design 
Optional Features
  • Height adjustment (table height 720 mm - 915 mm)
  • Different ergonomically shaped table top configurations
  • Emptiness detection
  • Stapler
  • Flexible sorting tray
  • Transfer station to transport envelopes to a conveyor belt
  • Conveyor belts