Precision A3 Business Card Cutter - User-Friendly Operation

The AeroCut nano has 2 single blade margin slitters and 2 double blade gutter slitters. The positions of these slitters can be easily adjusted manually without any tools. UCHIDA's unique InstaSet bar indicates and fixes sliter positions accurately. By changing the InstaSet bar or sides of it, wide variety of jobs can be finished at comperatively low additional cost to "module type" machines. UCHIDA also prepares build-to order bespoke InstaSet bar for odd size jobs as you like. While widths of cards are fixed by InstaSet bar, the lengths of cards, lead edge and gutters can be easily programmed via smart touch screen. In addition to 16 pre-programmed jobs, 40 customised jobs can be stored into the machine

Precision A3 business card cutter

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Technical specifications

Main Features
  • Quick & easy tool-free slitter position settings with *InstaSet bar
  • Skew adjustment
  • Cut-mark registration
  • Double feed detection
  • Detachable Machine table with waste bin
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • 16 preset jobs + 40 customized job memories
  • 126 business cards per minute
In-feed paper size
  • Width: 210-330 mm
  • Length: 210-448 mm
Job memory
  • Up to 40 (16 preset jobs)