Easily custom your stamp with this solution for growing business needs

Conveniently compact and easy to use, the IJ-40 boasts many of the features you'll find on larger machines. 

Neopost Postage Meter IJ-40

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Many re-crediting systems are slow and complicated, often requiring long calls. The IJ-40 helps you avoid all that. Neopost's Credifon system refills your machine with postage in just
a few key strokes, getting you back to business in seconds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just dial the number, punch in your pin and key in the value. It couldn't be simpler!
Modular Technology that grows with your Business

An automatic label dispenser is included as standard and Neopost AutoFeed can be added as your mailing needs grow. No more fuzzy franking marks.


The IJ-40's advanced inkjet technology produces a crisp, clear frank and a clean, positive message about your company. Your envelopes can be used as selling tools, with the IJ-40 storing a selection of customised marketing slogans. You can get it to print new text messages any time you like.

The Neopost IJ-40 is the professional choice for ease-of-use and advanced functionality.


The optional Neopost AutoFeed automatic envelope feeder allows you to process batches of envelopes in next to no time.