Flexible & Powerful Multichannel Output Management Software

OMS-500 by Neopost is the new user-friendly and flexible software developed by Neopost Document Solutions. This intuitive, web-based solution provides multichannel management of customer communications. The OMS-500 helps you to enrich, manage and keep control of your customer communications, making it a wise investment for now and the future.


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OMS-500 automates mail handling to maximise output while saving you time and money

Targeted Print and Digital Communications

The Neopost OMS-500 solution enables enterprises to ensure communication security and integrity, bringing reduced cost and increased flexibility of communication with customers, suppliers and employees. Neopost’s team of skilled professionals has real experience of enterprise communication processes. They will understand your current process; assist with identifying areas that can be improved; and define solutions to ensure maximum benefit is achieved.

Automatic Multichannel Document

A Document Management System is the easy and cost effective way to automate and manage document output, ensuring full integrity with the right mail always reaching the right person anywhere in Singapore. Set up printing, folding and inserting with just a few clicks. The system streamlines document creation; enhances document appearance, improves security, manages addressing, reduces labour and allows for growth.

OMS-500 gives you the flexibility to re-engineer or enrich your existing print streams to optimize document production and maximize postal savings. OMS-500 is web-based and is designed to be easy and intuitive. And of course, OMS-500 is an environmentally friendly solution.



Benefits of our Document Management System

  • Easy to use and configure
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Helps organizations to respond rapidly to changing business conditions and requirements
  • Supports standard input and output data formats

Benefits of our Document Management System

  • Automates document workflows via policy-based automation to maximize efficiency of production and distribution
  • Operator dashboard allows continuous monitoring of jobs, gives a summary of the system health, the production under progress and a view of the cost analysis
  • Defines what document should go in what communication piece
  • Sorts and collates documents to avoid sending items to the same recipient

When we had training from Neopost we realized that we could use the OMS-500 for more than just invoicing. I would recommend this solution because it’s multifunctional, flexible and easy to use.

Tone Eriksen, Head of Membership at the FLT

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