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Mailing solutions

We offer solutions to improve the efficiency of your mailing process. We can help you at every stage of mail preparation, from opening letters to folding, inserting and metering your mail.

Digital solutions

We help companies improve their business interactions through digitization. Our document management software and data management solutions enable you to send targeted messages efficiently.

Print finishing solutions

Our full range of print finishing equipment ensures almost endless finishing possibilities, from booklet making, creasing, folding and cutting, to innovative card cutting technology is unparalleled in performance.

Officeline products

Innovative deskside, office, high capacity & heavy duty shredders with Safety Protection System (SPS). High capacity office shredder with electronic capacity control and automatic oil injection. Made in Germany.
  • High quality air purifiers for fresh breath & healthy living
    The Air Purification System AEON Blue® filters nearly 100% of the smallest particles and pathogenic germs from the polluted air before they can reach our airways.

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  • What is Multichannel Communications?

    What is Multichannel Communications?

    Technology has empowered the consumer, putting him in the driver’s seat 24/7. In other words it is the customer who decides when and how to interact during a business relationship.

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